Service manuals and schematics.

At the left, you can see the list of Basic Schemes (Circuit Diagrams) and Service Manuals for a number of different devices that I have. A lot of the schemes are accessible and you can use them. We offer You to browse our catalogue of items from our database in order to choose the manual You need. You can browse our catalogue either by device type in order to choose the device type first and then a manufacturer to find the necessary manual.

You can buy the documentations with PayPal, Western Union, Money Gramm, ACH Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT), Contact, Money Orders, Scrill, Casheir/Personal Checks, Venmo and Zelle, too. To have it realized, please, e-mail me. The time of delivery is couple of hours. It's easy! This list is constantly replenished with new schemes in free access.