Use in power supply of television set "Samsung":




Use in copirs "XEROX RX5316/RX5317"

  1. - -CS
  2. - -CLK
  3. - DATA IN
  4. - DATA OUT
  5. - Vss
  6. - RESET
  7. - RDY
  8. - Vcc
The cycle of work starts with the selection of microschems. The signal -CS passes to 0 on level 1 to -CLK. Then the preamble is passed by the bus of data DI: 4 bits, always 1010, 4 bits of command and 8 bits of address, starting with the low bit. M6M80011A has the volume 64 x 16 bits, accordingly, the address has the significance 0-3F. 16 bits of data are in addition passed for record, 16 bits of read data are passed according to the following 16 beats (times) for the commands of reading. The low bit is input and passed the first.
Command Code of command
Reading a word to address 1010 1000 aaaaaaaa
Writing a word to address 1010 0100 aaaaaaaa dddddddddddddddd
Allow record (reading is forbid) 1010 0011 xxxxxxxx
Forbid record (reading is allowed) 1010 0000 xxxxxxxx
Wipe the whole information 1010 0010 xxxxxxxx
Write In the whole array information 1010 0001 xxxxxxxx dddddddddddddddd
aaaaaaaa - 8 bits of address, A0 - A7
xxxxxxxx - condition of bits of address no difference
dddddddddddddddd - data for writing
It's necessary to allow the record with the corresponding command before starting the record. After the end of record it's necessary to forbid the record again. The process of record lasts at most 10 ms, during the process of record the signal - CS must be active (0) till the signal - busy/rdy (pin 7) fixes again in 1 (after the start of record it passes to 0) or, at least 10 ms. Their interface is called Mitsubishi/Asahi. It resembles to microwire, but they have different codes and CS is negative.