Repair of Monitors Acer

Acer 7134

Monitor is not on, a fuse F601 (3.15A) is open. Check of D601-D604, C605, C606, D606, Q601, R608, R621, R609, IC601.

Monitor is not on, a fuse F601 (3.15A) is good. Check C601, ZD603, D608, C631, Q604, ZD605, R606, D65, D612, C609, C617, Q603, IC601, Q603, IC602, Q607, IC603, SR701.

Output voltage of power supply is not good (+12, +90, +6.3). Adjust VR601, check ZD603, Q604, IC601.

The power suply is on, but not raster. Sometimes operates power supply unit protection. Check Q315, Q310, Q303, Q314, C308, C317, C322, C330, C321, R332, Q315, Q310.

On the screen are the vertical band. Check of Q301, D301, D302, C312, Q303, 302.

No synchronizing on lines. Check of R283, IC251.

Size on width is not good. Check of IC201, Q302, Q303, Q314, Q311, R255, IC251.

On the screen horizontal band. Check of IC250 R277.

The one of the colours is bad. Check of IC101, C112, Q106, Q107, C110, Q108, Q109, C107, Q104, Q105. The balance of white possible to adjust VR105, VR106, VR107. Level of B and R possible to adjust VR103 and VR104.

Not work a regulation of contrast. The IC101 is bad.