Repair of Monitors Hitachi

Hitachi HM-4119D

Monitor is not on, a fuse F1 is open. Check of D100, C103, C104, R100, R102, C105, D101, Q100, Q101, IC2, Q6, Q7, C13.
Monitor is not on, a fuse F1 is good. Check FR100, R150, ZD100, SP12, PHC1, PHC11, ZD101, D9, Q4, Q5, Q100, Q101.
Output voltage of power supply is not good. Check ZD10, PCH11, PCH1, Q6, Q7.
No raster, operates protection of power supply. Check of Q200-Q204, Q206, D204, C204, C206, T202, C209.
Vertical line. Check of Q204, T201, L1, L202, L201.
The size of raster is bad. Check of IC201, Q202, Q203, Q209.
No synchronizing on lines. Check of IC200.
Horizontal line. Check of C308, R316, R305, C306, IC300.
The pictures in up and bottom is bad. Check of C306-C308, C301.
No framing. Check of IC301.