Repair of Monitors Datas

Datas NM 1449

Monitor is not on, a fuse F101 is open. Check of BD101, C107, C108, TH102, Q101, D101, D102.
Monitor is not on, a fuse F101 is good. Check Q101, D101, D102, D105, ZD106, D104, C114, ZD103, D103.
Vertical line. Check of L502, L501, C515.
The cize on horizontal is bad. Check of Q503, Q501, D503, D502, D501, D506, T501, Q407, Q705, Q706, Q505, Q504, D507, II402, I701.
No synchronizing on lines. Check of Q304, Q305, I301, I702.
Horizontal line. Check of I401, C408, Q402, Q403, R403, C406.
No framing. Check of Q301, I301, Q302, C402, I401.
The pictures in up and bottom is bad. Check of Q401, C417, C406-C408, C419, C416.
No pictures, raster be. Check of I02.